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Hi! My name is Kelly and this is my shop. 

Let me tell you how I got started... Yes, I have silver hair(it's white but I prefer silver) and it's true; I love daisies! So there you have it, silverdaisies! 


I've always loved glittery ,shiny things, especially if I could hang them, and after not having much luck finding them I decided to make my own! So I began my artistic adventure years ago using the elements I loved so much collecting; driftwood, shells, rocks, many many rocks. I started adding beads, baubles, feathers, bells, gems, crystals, metal, and so much more and voila!   silverdaisies started!

                             My husband John and myself have traveled across this beautiful country together a couple of times and have seen many a breathtaking site, each time confirming that all of Canada is rich in beauty! So many wows!  And being an artist I managed to find a bountiful array of driftwood, rocks, and beach glass.  All of which I use in my artistic creations and share with you, so you can enjoy them in your home or give to family or friends.  I take pride in my work and especially the little details, and would love to share this with you.

My motto is if you have made a purchase from  silverdaisies art & decor and are not completely satisfied please let me know right away. Send me an email and I will do what I can to make this a positive experience for you, my customer! 

Any comments or questions? Please feel free to contact me and I will happily get back to you.  Thankyou! for visiting  silverdaisies art & decor.

Enjoy, and have a beautiful day!

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