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I'm back! I know it's been a bit of time since the last post, (I have very good reasons for this mind you), but alas, here we are! We sold our house, bought a Mini Cooper, packed it up to the hilt, and started our trip across this wild country of ours! Now, we did go the opposite way at first, just to connect with family from Nova Scotia, & Cape Breton, and let's just say it was awesome! We've never been to Cape Breton up until now and it is beautiful indeed! We even got to stay in a monastery overnight! That's another story for another time...

There is one constant to all of this, as we drove along we noticed the weather got colder and snowier ... As we approached our next Airbnb stay in Saint Hyacinth, Quebec we thought heck, we'll just hunker down in this beautiful apartment(pics to follow), and when we wake up it should be a beautiful sunny day! La,La,La! No, we looked out the window and gasped! Yikes! More snow! Okay, let's hurray and skidattle and maybe we can get ahead of this spring snowstorm.... pretty tricky finding a way out as the whole town is built on what seems to be a hillside so all the streets tend to go pretty well straight down ... but our mini found a way and whew! we made it... On to our next stop in Old Quebec City.

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