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Tibena Jasmine Tao Tea!

Exciting news! I have been introduced to a beautiful herbal tea called Tibena Jasmine Tao tea and would love to share with you my story.... Its been about 3 weeks or so, and I started sipping this incredible tea because a great friend of mine introduced me to it. She had been sipping hers for over a month and could not believe the amazing results and just how great she felt! So, she shared it with me, and at first I just wanted to try it, see how I like it.... I mean, I do enjoy a good cup of herbal tea every now and then, so I thought why not! Well, the first couple of days in of drinking my 1 teacup full of Jasmine Tao tea actually did provide me with this feeling of ease, like I felt less stressed. And then, after the 4th day in, I started to notice a bounce in my step! And really, I have not had that "bounce" in a very long time, so I really did want to continue sipping. Well, after a week of sipping this herbal tea, I really noticed how much better I was sleeping at night, an unknown feeling of many years now, and also noticed that I hadn't needed anything for my heartburn. I felt good! Well, I have to say, that feeling of ease, way less heart palpatations, and my gut feeling happy for the first time in years has convinced me to not only drink this herbal tea, but become part of the Jasmine Tao tea team of affiliates.

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing Tibena Jasmine Tao tea, just ask, and I would love to share! It's Tea Time!

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